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The U-Turn by Luis Argueta

The U-Turn is a documentary by award winning director, Luis Argueta, about the transformational journey of the immigrant workers who broke the silence about the abuses they endured at Agriprocessors, the meat packing plant in Postville, Iowa, and the community that would not abandon them.


The film showcases the U visa, an immigration relief in much need of dissemination among, and understanding by, immigrants, immigration rights-advocates and law-enforcement.

A Big-Hearted Man and His Calling to Build Tiny Houses for Oakland's Homeless

Using found materials, Gregory Kloehn builds miniature houses for homeless people in Oakland, California.

Our Race to Alaska

A film by Waterlustfeaturing Race to Alaska (R2AK) racers Tripp and Chris Burd of Team FreeBurd. 

Meet the Hard-Working Veterans Offering a Safe Passage to Chicago Youth

Eli Williamson, interviewed throughout this short film and the co-founder of Leave No Veteran Behind, is a Luther graduate.

This Man Handed out 520,000 Sandwiches on the Streets of Minneapolis Last Year

Not even the bitter cold weather deters Allan Law from his mission to help the hungry. Find out more...
Allan Law is featured in the documentary The Starfish Throwers. 4:55 min.

The Last Text

AT&T's texting & driving campaign urges consumers that "It Can Wait." 8:32 min.

The Crisis of the Modern World

In the first half of the 20th century, a French man, Renè Guènon (1886-1951), struck the conscience of the Westernworld by reminding it about the spiritual knowledge that was at the heart of all traditional ... 6:19 min.

Crisis of Civilization

A dark comedy remix mash-up bonanza about the end of industrial civilization. 
WebsiteFacebook. A film by Dean Puckett. 1:17:29 hr.

The 4th R: the aRt of Education

How do you solve a problem, when the problem is you don’t know how to solve problems?


“There is . . . a creativity crisis in the United States today.” Dr. Kyung Hee Kim, William and Mary CollegeWith all the problems in the world today, how do we teach our children to solve these problems? Problems they will face for the rest of their lives.


Problem solving is learned most effectively by students who consistently have the experience of art in their lives. In the film Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein puts it succinctly “No art — no innovation.”


The 4th R presents evidence of the problem, offers insights about the causes, looks at some promising studies, then offers some possible solutions to this “creativity crisis” from some of the most noted creativity experts in the world.. 57 min.

Mysteries of the Driftless

The Mysteries of the Driftless is a documentary about a team of explorers and scientists kayaking down deeply cut tributary valleys, flying in ultralights, and climbing rocky bluffs to reveal answers to the mysteries within the driftless area.


Their journey will expose both the science and threats behind three unique features of the zone - rare plants and animals, odd geological phenomenon, and striking remnants of a Native American pilgrimage like no other. 26:26 min.

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