Thanks to all who attended and to the Hotel Winneshiek for hosting.  See ya at the Fest!

On Thursday, February 5 see "Dirt! The Movie" — a fascinating history of soil's billion years of evolution showing how it recycles our water, gives us food, provides us shelter, and can be used as a source of medicine. (40 minutes) 


On Friday, February 6 AND Sunday February 8 see "Mysteries of the Driftless" followed by "River Sojourn" (55 minutes total)


"Mysteries of the Driftless" will help you discover what strange forces saved this one isolated section along the Upper Mississippi River from the repeated crushing and scouring effects of glaciers during the last two million years. You’ll also find out what pre-ice age throwbacks survived here in this unique geologic refuge that holds more Native America effigy mounds, petroglyph caves, strange geology features, and rare species than anywhere in the Midwest. (27 minutes)


"River Sojourn" is a documentary about the Driftless Area. It follows a nature painter as she explores this unique landscape. Also a former botanist, the artist had the opportunity to spend many years gaining a better scientific understanding of the Mississippi River environment and its unique ecology. (28 minutes)


Saturday, Feb. 7 at 4 see "Empowered: Power from the People" — Ithaca, NY is one of the cloudiest, least windy places in the country, and yet its residents are proving that we can meet our energy needs through totally renewable resources. From solar and wind to veggie oil and geothermal, this film tells the story of one community’s role in the energy independence revolution.


This Thursday through Sunday, all at 4 PM,

and as with (almost) every  Oneota Film

Festival film, admission is FREE!


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