2019 Films

Here are the films that have been selected for the 2019 OFF X.
Click on the image or title to see a trailer of the film, if one is available.


(18:55 min) directed by Antonio Maciocco (Italy).

A very old man, just about to turn 100, has had enough of living. The unexpected arrival of a granddaughter will give him back his will to live and loving.


Sat, Mar 9: 2:30pm, Valders 262.


All the Time in the World

(1 hr 29 min) directed by Suzanne Crocker. Filmmaker Suzanne Crocker leaves her daily life behind in search of a simpler life with her family in the Yukon for nine months.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Olin 102.

Encore OFF screening.

America First: The Legacy of a Raid

(39:59) directed by Almudena Toral, Andrea Patino Contreras (FL, NYC).


It’s been a decade since Postville, a small town in Iowa, suffered the largest immigration raid at a worksite in U.S. history: 389 immigrants were arrested in the biggest kosher meatpacking plant in the country. As Donald Trump revives some aspects of George W. Bush’s immigration enforcement policies, the Postville experience sheds light on the impact, efficiency and repercussions of massive worksite raids.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:45am, Valders 362 & Sat, Mar 9: 2:15pm, Jenson-Noble Choir Room.

Encore screening from winter 2019.


The Amish Incident

(26 min) directed by Kelly Rundle (IL).

When local school officials decide to bus Amish children into town schools in November of 1965, a newspaper reporter photographs an iconic image of the Amish students fleeing from authorities into a nearby cornfield. The incident and the photograph ignite a firestorm of arrests, fines, and national controversy leading to a unique precedent-setting covenant between the "Plain People" and the State of Iowa.

The Amish Incident, a new film by award-winning historical documentary filmmakers Kelly and Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films, blends interviews with an influential journalist and key local officials with newly discovered archival materials and period photographs to tell a fascinating and memorable true tale of rural conflict and compromise.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 362 & Sat, Mar 9: 4:00pm, Olin 102. Followed by filmmaker q&a.

The Art of Living

(15:26 min) directed by Brody Kuhar, John Spencer Woerdehoff, Jack Sarcone (TN).

Today, artists and creators feel the need to move to a big city to be able to truly "make it." Digging intimately into the lives of three small town Iowan artists, this film shares the ideology that you don't have to be anywhere but where you are to be a successful artist. Art isn't always about creating masterpieces, it can be as simple as inspiring a community around you. Featured artists include Rose Frantzen, Gene Tully, and Cody Weber.


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45am, Valders 262
& Sat, Mar 9: 2:15pm, Valders 362.
Followed by filmmaker q&a.


Being the Change: A New Kind of Climate Change Documentary

(1 hr) directed Mary Grandelis and Dave Davis.

Based on the book by Peter Kalmus, the film re-tells Kalmus's story through film, allowing viewers to see exactly what Kalmus does on a daily basis to reduce his carbon footprint.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Jenson-Noble Choir Room.

A Boy A Girl A Pen

(2:12 min) directed by Nolan Quade (IA). A boy who is very attached to his pen gets distracted and loses it. Will he find it or let the friendship die?

Sat, Mar 9: 1:45pm, Valders 262. Followed by filmmaker q&a.



(57:50 min) directed by Aaron Alon (TX).

Bully is a dramatic musical about Sam Bradley, a young man who commits suicide after being repeatedly bullied in school. The story follows Sam and the lives of those around him in the days leading up to and following his suicide.


Fri, Mar 8: 9:15pm, Olin 102 & Sat, Mar 9: 2:45pm, Valders 362.


The Cape

(13:25 min) directed by Andrew Olson (MA).


For 11 happy years Kara was fiery and independent, leaping over tall couches, jumping off the dock, and best of all reading comic books with her dad, especially her favorite - The Scarlet Raven, a Golden Age Heroine. Now, on her first summer vacation to Cape Cod after losing her father, Kara finds a gift from yesteryear in a magical kite shop – an authentic Scarlet Raven cape, just like then in the ads in the back of the comics from when her dad was a boy.

Unfortunately, The cape is priced as if it really could let you fly! Now Kara will have to decide how far she’s willing to go to find out if the magic is real, and how special a true friend can be. Winner of Best Picture and Best Director at the Cleveland Comic Con Film Festival in 2018, The Cape is an inspirational journey of love, loss, friendship and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of magic.


Sat, Mar 9: 1:45pm, Valders 262.


Coming Home: Kayaking the Fjords of Norway

(25 min) directed by Dave Ellingson.

Coming Home: Kayaking the Fjords of Norway chronicles a month-long paddle adventure on the magnificent Søgne and Hardanger Fjords. With stunning visual images, stirring music and lyrical prose, Luther graduate Dave Ellingson explores the mystery of why his great grandparents left Norway in the 1850’s to come to America.


Sat, Mar 9: 4:25pm, Valders 362. Followed by filmmaker q&a.

Coming Out as a Queen

(16 min) directed by Marissa Zakes, Hugo Mendez, Nick Sintilas, Lauren Alberti, Jessica Peeters (USA).

Two drag queens based in NYC share their stories on coming out to family members and showcase the importance of diversity in any community.

Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 262.


Cultivation: Writing and Wrestling in Iowa City (24 min) directed by Nathan McNurlen (IA).


In April 2018, Iowa City hosted two every different international events in the same week. Cultivation explores what makes Iowa City the center of the writing and wrestling universes and how the two arts are similar.


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45am, Valders 262. Followed by filmmaker q&a.


Dare Not Fly

(18:18 min) directed by Chuyi Chen (Taiwan).

Shen Si Yan, who lived under the strong fetters of her mother, was like a bird blindfolded, but unable to fly. When it comes to daily chores, friends, work and mate are all interfered. Even if words have stepped out of society, mother still does not allow her to make her own choices. How can she survive without compromise, loss of self thinking, and mother who is bent on loving her daughter?


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 262.

Decoding the Driftless

(1 hr 1 min) directed by Jonas Stenstrom. (WI).

A wild ride of adventure through the air, across rugged landscapes, on and under water, through a secret underworld, and across time itself to explore and decipher ancient clues of the Driftless Region, with its captivating scenic beauty. This film features some of our Driftless neighbors.

Sat, Mar 9: 5:00pm, Valders 206. Followed by filmmaker q&a.



(9:55 min) directed by Bruce James Bales (IA).

Based out of Des Moines, Mike Gustafson makes custom motorcycles as MONNOM Customs. Mike's love for motorcycles paired with his craftsmanship and vision helped to create MONNOM's unique builds. Delineation explores how Mike's love for all types of riding evolved into building and creating custom café racers.


Sat, Mar 9: 2:15pm, Olin 102. Filmmaker q&a.


A Different Script

(29:58 min) directed by Francesca Carter, Eva Andersen (NY & IA).

Twenty-year-old Chris Lopes is finally on the pathway to achieving his dream of becoming a professional actor, but as a young man with Down syndrome, he is still struggling to achieve independence in his personal life. Chris lands a Hollywood agent and auditions for one big role that he hopes will be his big ticket to fame. All the while, his family worries about the practicality of his dreams and his desire to move to Los Angeles and live on his own.

This documentary captures the heart of a young man who never gives up and reveals how acting has not only changed Chris's’ life but also given him an unexpected path toward independence.

 A Different Script explores the global disability rights movement by focusing on the fair representation of people with developmental disabilities in the entertainment industry and the unique challenges they face in their careers and personal lives.


Sat, Mar 9: 11:20am, Valders 362 & Sat, Mar 9: 1:25pm, Olin 102. Followed by filmmaker q&a.

Dimension Detectives


(4:52 min) directed by Carly Auyong (USA).


Two newly partnered detectives must work together to stop a thief and look past their differences, quite literally.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 262.


Dodging Bullets--Stories from Survivors of Historical Trauma

(1 hr 38 min) directed by Sarah Erdstrom, Kathey Broere, Jonathan Thunder, Bob Trench (MN).

Native Americans have dodged bullets since their first contact with Europeans. This film brings a cross-generational sampling of Indigenous people, researchers, and politicians to reveal stunning reasons for their disproportionately high incidences of health and social issues. This collection of remarkable stories, names historical trauma as the unique and insidious part of the genetic code that resilient Native American populations are still finding ways to dodge.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 362. Followed by filmmaker q&a.


Dreaming of a Vetter World

(1 hr 17 min) directed by Bonnie Hawthorne (CA).

Journey to the American heartland in Bonnie Hawthorne’s intimate documentary about a visionary Nebraska farm family who understood that modern agriculture was ailing, and found a cure. From farmer’s son to soil scientist to missionary and back to farmer again, organic pioneer David Vetter has dedicated his life to a “ministry to the soil.” With camera and camper in tow,


Hawthorne leaves her urban California comforts in the rearview mirror to learn from the Vetters about what's really going on in the Corn Belt. As interest in regenerating soil explodes worldwide, Hawthorne discovers that David Vetter is way ahead of the game. With both historical context and an eye to the future, Dreaming of a Vetter World shows it's possible to jump off conventional agriculture’s pesticide treadmill. It’s also a story about love, hope and place; an inspiring example of perseverance and doing what you know is right--against all odds.


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45am, Jenson-Noble Choir Room

& Sat, Mar 9: 12:30pm, Valders 362.

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Eating Animals

(1 hr 35 min) directed by Christopher Quinn.


Filmmaker Christopher Quinn examines the environmental, economic and public health consequences of factory farming. Topics include animal rights, pollution and the use of antibiotics and hormones.


Fri, Mar 8: 9:00pm, Valders 362 &

Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 206.


Four-sided Dice

(10:58 min) directed by Hana Hancinova (France).


As every morning, a woman dresses up as a clown and leaves her apartment to wander the streets. But today, things do not go as usual - her most precious object is stolen, and she starts the pursuit of the villain. She has to choose : continue to be clown, or for the first time, escape her mask.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 262..

The Ghost in Her

(13:37 min) directed by Michael G. White (NE).

Alex, a middle aged record store owner, has to come to terms with who he has become when a women from his past comes into his store.


Sat, Mar 9: 2:30pm, Valders 262. Followed by filmmaker q&a.


A Gift


(25 min) directed by Johnathon Olsen (WI).

A man tries to write a song while his wife is away.


Sat, Mar 9: 4:00pm, Valders 262. Followed by filmmaker q&a.


Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City

(19:31 min) directed by Kelly Rundle, produced by Tammy Rundle (IL).

"Good Earth: Awakening the Silent City" presents the fascinating story of the Good Earth at Blood Run historical and cultural site as told by a Native American grandfather to his grandchildren. Produced in 4K by Emmy-nominated documentary filmmakers Kelly & Tammy Rundle of Fourth Wall Films, the documentary combines vivid present-day views of Good Earth at Blood Run State Park's scenic vistas and wildlife combined with dramatic historical reenactments portraying daily life in the year 1650 of one of America's largest cities which straddles Lyon County, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Good Earth was the ancestral home of the Ioway, Omaha, Ponca and Otoe tribes for more than two hundred years.

The film is family-friendly and for all ages.


Sat, Mar 9: 4:35pm, Olin 102. Followed by filmmaker q&a.

The Grind Message

(21 min) directed by Niels Christian Askholm (Denmark).


Pilot whale hunting has been a practiced tradition for at least half a millennium in the Faroe Islands. Up until the second half of the 20th century the hunts have been a vital part in the survival of the Faroese people, and are today the source of up to one third of the nations meat consumption. However the long-lasting tradition is subject to criticism from all over the world due to several reasons and opinions. This documentary follows the arguments of six locals on the matter.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 262.

‘Grunt’ Film Project

(39:27 min) directed by Jacob Mogler (OR).

‘The Grunt Film Project' is a short documentary about four Afghanistan veterans in or connected with the Oregon State community around Corvallis, Oregon. Each of these student veterans tells their stories of war, coming home, dealing with depression and PTSD, and comrades committing suicide. Jacob Mogler, the director and producer who is an Afghanistan veteran himself, felt inspired to raise awareness of the statistics of veteran suicides climbing but felt the need to tell stories of young veterans who were finding ways of coping and overcoming struggles as a rallying cry for other veterans to emulate.


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45am, Valders 262.



(6:12 min) directed by Martin Kaszubowski (USA).


A young woman with a severe sun allergy loses her mind as she remembers her life.


Sat, Mar 9: 1:45pm, Valders 262.


Heroes of Fairfield

(1 hr 7 min) directed by Dick DeAngelis (IA).


“Heroes of Fairfield” brings to life several stories of ordinary citizens of the small town of Fairfield, Iowa who did extraordinary things to make a difference in their community and their world. In this second film in the Fairfield History Series, local and state historians, noted authors uncover new information and stories about local heroes like U.S. Civil War heroine "Auntie" Mehitable Woods. The local team uncovers new facts about Fairfield's “Underground Railroad” (UGRR), including a free black couple named James and Nancy Yancey and discovers a first-hand account of 12 year old Underground Railroad conductor Christian Byrkit.


Sat, Mar 9: 3:15pm, Jenson-Noble Choir Room. Followed by filmmaker q&a.

High Heels

(12:49 min) directed by Juan Alejandro Bermudez (Poland).


A man tries to overcome his marriage crisis while he deals with a weird obsession.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 262.


Human Flow

(2 hr 20 min) directed by Ai Weiwei.

More than 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war, the greatest displacement since World War II. Filmmaker Ai Weiwei examines the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact. Over the course of one year in 23 countries, Weiwei follows a chain of urgent human stories that stretch across the globe, including Afghanistan, France, Greece, Germany and Iraq.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Jenson-Noble Choir Room.


Encore screening from OFF X Membership Event.

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(5:10 min) directed by Ronnie Cramer (USA).

Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old school style. Each painting is onscreen for three seconds; the transitions between them also last three seconds each. Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, with a musical soundtrack created by the artist.


Sat, Mar 9: 1:45pm, Valders 262.


James Joyce’s The Sisters


(18:11 min) directed by Matthew Eberle (CA).

The Sisters is an adaptation of the first short story in James Joyce's collected works, Dubliners. Set in 1915 Ireland, it tells the story of a young boy, who reflects upon his time with friend and mentor, Father Flynn, while coming to terms with the Priest's death. As he listens to the conversations of the adults around him and thinks back on his own time with the Father, the boy begins to come to a new understanding about his friend and possibly about himself, as he is confronted with questions of faith, loss and new beginnings.


Sat, Mar 9: 2:30pm, Valders 262.



(1 hr 30 min) directed by Brett Morgen (USA).


Using a trove of never-before-seen footage, the film tells the story of Jane Goodall's early explorations and research in Tanzania, focusing on her groundbreaking field work, her relationship with her cameraman and husband Hugo van Lawick, and the chimpanzees that were the subject of her study.


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45am, Valders 206.

Underwritten by  Steven Nelson

Love & Debt

(1 hr 38 min) directed by Valerie Landsburg (USA).

Henry Warner has a wife that wants somebody else's life, a teenage daughter who wants her own apartment, an 8 year old daughter who wants to be Wayne Gretzky, his mother-in-law hates him and his five year old son has yet to speak. Henry and his family make an unlikely connection with Travis Parker, a kid with his first job at a collection agency that is inhabited by a diverse group of lifers. Ultimately, Travis and the Warner family's fates are tied together as they both struggle to break free of debts, both financial and emotional.

Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Olin 102. Followed by filmmaker q&a.


A Love Letter for the End of the World

(3:37 min) directed by Alexi Scheiber (VA).

A multimedia, personal short film about cherishing what may be lost or destroyed within our lifetimes due to climate change. Featuring 5 animation mediums & found footage from my dad, Michael Scheiber.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Jenson-Noble Choir Room.


Lukas and the Paper Boat

(38:35 min) directed by Max Ahrens, Maik Ludemann (Germany).

A sensitive young man frantically fights against the changes in his life. When his best friend leaves their shared flat he feels forced to face up to the improvement.


Sat, Mar 9: 2:30pm, Valders 262.


Making Waves: Rebirth of the Golden Rule


(24:39 min) directed by James Knight (CA).

In 1958, four Quaker peace activists set sail for the Marshall Islands--the US nuclear testing zone--to alert the world to the devastating effects of the bomb on people and the environment. When the crew was arrested and jailed in Hawaii, public outcry for their release sparked a movement that led to the signing of the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963. Sixty years later, Veterans for Peace has restored this historic wooden boat and embarked on a global mission to end the arms race. Shot on board the Golden Rule during a protest of the Navy's Air and Sea show in San Diego Bay, the film features interviews of veterans whose stories illuminate the true costs of warfare. Midwest Premiere.


Fri, Mar 8: 9:30pm, Jenson-Noble Choir Room

& Sat, Mar 9: 11:50am, Valders 362.


Magic Madeleines

(22:34 min) directed by Miriam Laurence (Canada).


Once upon a time, an old woman lived in a house on the edge of the city’s ancient forest. She believed in the magic of childhood innocence, justice and honoring promises. One day, the Big Bad Wolf came knocking at her door …To fulfill a promise she made to her brother before he died, 80-year old Vivienne Bordeaux is on a quest to find an ancient Indigenous burial site that they discovered as children. When a greedy real estate mogul sends two grifters to trick her into selling the land, Vivienne unleashes her secret weapon -- magic madeleine cookies that transform those who eat them into their truest selves.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 262.




(10 min) directed by Carolina Gudino Gallegos (Mexico).

The Ruíz family is mourning, because of the recent suicide of his eldest son, Alan. When Sofía, the youngest, finds a butterfly with a broken wing and takes it home, with the intention of taking care of it and helping it fly, the tension at home explodes. Rocío, her mother, desperate not knowing how to deal with the situation, finds the motivation to move on in the broken wing of the butterfly and the innocence of her daughter.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 262.

Merlin and the Sea Gypsy

(20:46 min) directed by Jessica Monson (UK).

Ralph Church has been 'homeless' for 11 years, but his love for the sea and determination to make his dream a reality have enabled him to embark on a new life as a sea-gypsy. On his travels with his dog Merlin, Ralph explores what it means to be homeless in the UK and connects with likeminded souls working towards a holistic solution to homelessness. One based on compassion, societal solidarity and the provision of homes, not just houses.


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45, Valders 262.


Minding the Gap

(1 hr 40 min) directed by Bing Liu (USA).

Three young men bond together to escape volatile families in their Rust Belt hometown. As they face adult responsibilities, unexpected revelations threaten their decade-long friendship.


Sat, Mar 9: 12:30pm, Jenson-Noble Choir Room.



(1 hr 27 min) directed by Aube Giroux (Canada).

In the award-winning new documentary Modified, the filmmaker and her mother embark on a very personal and poignant investigative journey to find out why genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not labeled on food products in the United States and Canada, despite being labeled in 64 countries around the world.

Interweaving the personal and the political, the film is anchored around the filmmaker’s relationship to her mom, a gardener and food activist who battled cancer during the film's production. Their intimate mother-daughter quest for answers, fuelled by a shared love of food, reveals the extent to which the agribusiness industry controls our food policies, making a strong case for a more transparent and sustainable food system.

A visual celebration of food and family legacy, praised by world-renowned chef Jacques Pépin as a “a very personal, tender, touching tribute and a well-researched, enlightening and powerful documentary.”


Sat, Mar 9: 12:30pm, Valders 206.

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(1 hr 14 min ) directed by Jennifer Peedom (Australia).


A unique cinematic and musical collaboration between the Australian Chamber Orchestra and BAFTA-nominated director Jennifer Peedom, MOUNTAIN is a dazzling exploration of our obsession with mountains. Only three centuries ago, climbing a mountain would have been considered close to lunacy. The idea scarcely existed that wild landscapes might hold any sort of attraction. Peaks were places of peril, not beauty. MOUNTAIN shows us the spellbinding force of high places – and their ongoing power to shape our lives and our dreams.


OFF X Closing Film. Sat, Mar 9. 8:00pm, T-Bock’s Upstairs.


The Music of Strangers


(1 hr 36 min) directed by Morgan Neville (USA). Filmmaker Morgan Neville profiles cellist Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, an eclectic group of musicians who tour worldwide.


Sat, Mar 9: 5:00pm, Olin 102. Encore OFF screening.


Nature is Me: The Larry Reis Story


(9:37 min) directed by Evan Lobdell (IA).


An accomplished naturalist in Winneshiek, Iowa uses photography and the internet to spread a message of conservation and love for nature.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 262

& Sat, Mar 9: 4:00pm, Valders 362. Followed by filmmaker q&a.


Objectif Sauvage

1 hr 22 min) directed by Cedrik Strahm, Martin Ureta, Joshua Preiswerk (Switzerland).

The «Chaplin Laguna», this expanse of fresh-water in the heart of the Noel Kempff Mercado National Park in the Bolivian Amazon, is a veritable chimera for aboriginals and scientists. Described as inaccessible and magical, many expeditions have failed to unravel the secrets. Driven by their sole determination, Joshua, Cedrik and Martin, three Swiss adventurers, spent four years of their lives to bring back a documentary about their attempt to get to this forgotten place.

As they slowly realise how fragile this environment could be, the protagonists express their feelings about certain current environmental themes. As the Amazon Basin shrinks year after year, the team embark on an adventure to discover the fauna and flora of one of its last strongholds. In one of the most hostile environments on the planet, the survival of the group is sometimes just a thread. Will this dangerous journey bring them the answers they came to seek?


Fri, Mar 8: 9:10pm, Valders 206.


On Her Shoulders

(1 hr 35 min) directed by Alexandria Bombach.


Nadia Murad, a 23-year-old Yazidi genocide and ISIS sexual slavery survivor, is determined to tell her story. As her journey leads down paths of advocacy and fame, she becomes the voice of her people and their best hope to spur the world to action.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 206.

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(1:41 min) directed by Ashley Young (Australia) .  

A surreal and expressionistic animation. A painted female figure steps through a doorway, undergoing a surreal exploration of body and identity, whilst being confronted with distortions of herself. Digitally painted frame by frame animation.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 206.


People of the Wild Tiger

(18:01) directed by Lenore Rinder (WI).

“People of the Wild Tiger” is an eighteen minute video documentary that undertakes an extraordinary journey to India seeking solutions to save half of the world’s remaining, wild tiger population.

It highlights cultural footage from the daily life of the forest Soliga tribe in the southern hills of Karnataka’s BRT Tiger Preserve, and preservation models that work in Rajasthan’s famous Ranthambhore tiger park in the north. Interviews feature: tribal priests, an ex-poacher, passionate naturalists, and an eco-entrepreneur.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 262.


Redefining Prosperity: The Gold Rushes of Nevada City


(57:15 min) directed by John de Graaf (WA).

The fight to save a beautiful river brings together a divided California community and leads to a redefinition of wealth. Born in the California Gold Rush of 1849, Nevada City produced both great wealth and the destruction of the environment, local Native Americans and Chinese immigrants. In the late 1960s it was discovered by poet Gary Snyder and the 'back to the land" movement--with a different vision of wealth based on nature and community. Old guard and newcomers tangled till the fight to save their beautiful Yuba River brought them together. A film to inspire any community toward sustainability.


Sat, Mar 9: 5:15pm, Valders 362.




(19 min) directed by Orestis Dikaios (Greece).


The life of a charismatic performer, Anna, intertwines with the illusionary presence of an idealised fictional character, Eve, in a tale of ambiguity and despair.


Fri, Mar 8: 8:45pm, Valders 262.



(6:15 min) directed by Malia Bruker (FL).


In a metal container that sleeps four men, Sakhi Poya serves green tea. Though rarely entered by German citizens, Harburger Postrasse Refugee Housing is the first stop for thousands who flee their war-torn and economically ravaged homelands in search of stability and safety in Hamburg. In the quiet fluorescence of his new home, Sakhi recounts his harrowing journey from Afghanistan, revealing fears, frustrations and dreams of an ordinary life. Despite his simple and spare surroundings, Sakhi’s rich visions for the future and his role in society build a subtle but powerful portrait of the modern refugee experience.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:45am, Valders 362.


Sanctuaries: A New Life


(9:37 min) directed by Paula Castro (CA).


Short documentary on Sanctuaries dedicated to the rescue of farm animals in the south east of the United States.


Sat, Mar 9: 9:00am, Valders 262.


Saving Pooh


(2:33 min) directed by Julia Trachtenberg (Israel).


An almost forgotten memory of grandma "Matrushka" when she was a little girl. A young lonely girl that has only one thing in the whole wide world, her best friend, Winnie-pooh. The girl watches him on the television while her grandma making her "borscht" soup and she’s facing daily with the chance she might lose him.


Sat, Mar 9: 1:45pm, Valders 262.


The Scary Ham


(15 min) directed by Sue Mroz (IL).


Two middle-aged sisters sorting through 50 years' worth of family memorabilia reconnect, as they contend with their late father's beloved ham.


Fri, Mar 8: 8:45pm, Valders 206.



(43 min) directed by Andre Gaumond (Canada).

John and Boris, two computer scientists, confront after the discovery of a revolutionary application that allows them to transfer thought from one person to another.


Fri, Mar 8: 9:15pm, Valders 262.


terrolun and lunlun


(49.10 min) directed by Hiroyuki Miyagawa (Japan).


After a tragic accident, Terrolun becomes a shut-in, living in his parent's garage, where he fixes mechanical items. When Lunlun, a hearing-impaired high school student brings him something to repair, they strike up a friendship. These two outcasts strengthen their relationship through a garage window.


Sat, Mar 9: 12:30pm, Valders 262.


30 KM/H 

(1 hr 8 min) directed by Roi Maoz, Adam Rabinowitz (Israel).

After reading a note that he wrote 10 years prior, 29 year old Tzafrir realizes that he didn't fulfill any of the dreams he had for himself when he was young. Just before his 30th birthday, he decides to fulfill his childhood dream and drive through Israel on an electric toy car. With the hope of understanding what he wants to do with his life, he goes on the journey across the country and meets people that give their perspective on what it means to grow up.

Sat, Mar 9: 5:15pm, Valders 262.


This Day Forward


(1 hr. 15 min.) directed by Brian Ide (IA).

directed by Brian Ide (IA). Inspired by the true story of a wife and mother of three struggling to keep her family, and her faith, intact after her husband is diagnosed with a stage three brain tumor..


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45am, Olin 102.


Through My Eyes

(28:40 min) directed by Sujit Singh (IA).

A disability simulation documentary in which individuals with disabilities guide able-bodied people through an afternoon in their shoes to gain an understanding and appreciation for the challenges they overcome each day.


Sat, Mar 9: 10:45am, Valders 362 & Sat,


Mar 9: 12:40pm, Olin 102. Followed by filmmaker q&a.


(40:01 min) directed by Jordan Manley (Canada).

Quietly, patiently, trees endure. They are the oldest living beings we come to know during our time on earth. They provide our shelter, our fuel, our companions, and—in some cases—our divinity. They are living bridges into our planet’s enormous past, their obscure stories written into their rings over centuries and even millennia. Treeline takes us to the enshrined cypress groves of Japan, the towering red cedars of British Columbia, and the ancient bristlecones of Nevada, following a handful of skiers, snowboarders, scientists and healers as they move through these giants and explore a connection older than humanity.


Sat, Mar 9: 4:10pm, Valders 206.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

(1 hr 34 min) directed by Morgan Neville (USA).


Filmmaker Morgan Neville examines the life and legacy of Fred Rogers, the beloved host of the popular children's television show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.


Thurs, Mar 7: 5:30pm & 7:30pm, Elks Lodge.

Underwritten by

Steven Nelson


(13:42 min) directed by Julia Elihu (CA).

Yasamin, a shy young girl has recently moved to the United State from Iran during the political upheaval of the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1980. When a young boy in P.E. makes fun of her for having a “unibrow” she must go on a journey with the help of her family to learn an important life lesson that will carry her through her ongoing struggles as an immigrant in America, helping her to not only combat the ignorance being thrown her way but even understand it.


Fri, Mar 8: 7:00pm, Valders 262.